The Lazarus Collection

Mary Alff, Lena-Marie Alff
Ab 12 Jahren

Kimmi Jambo has received an instant telegram from Heidi Löwentrapp. It’s stamped by an invisible Post Office in Hamburg that is connected to Heidi’s house by an enchanted wall. Heidi asks Kimmi to help her find Lazarus who she believes has survived a devastating plane crash just before the coast of Mombasa. She is convinced Lazarus is the only one who knows why she doesn’t have relatives like everyone else. Looking at the behaviour of the magic stamps Heidi has sent him, and the vanishing postmen, Kimmi is sure Heidi is no ordinary girl. The Postamt 13 is not only a fascinating stamp but it is also a portal that opens directly into Heidi’s street when he scans it with his Philatelist’s lens. He lets his siblings Sara and Tony accompany him into these uncharted waters. Sara is sensitive and critical, while Tony tags along and lets his tummy rule. Kimmi uses his gift to see the invisible, which gives him an upper hand in seeking and recapturing dangerous restless stamps that have acquired physical form. He puts them in a huge Stamp Album which he is forced to buy at an open air market behind Nairobi’s largest slum, as an angry mob chases after him. Kimmi Jambo becomes very suspicious when a mysterious uncle that neither their best friend Greta, nor her parents have ever met before appears on the scene just as the spooky Mystic Fortunes, a shop where people can buy life-long dreams, opens on the 3rd Long Avenue. Kimmi knows things aren’t what they seem when he sees his football coach exchange his golden teeth for an outrageous hairdo. The shopkeeper happens to be Coldfist, a stamp that wants to live forever. He has the blood of Johannes Löwentrapp, the very first Philatelist, on his hands. And he’s ready to kill again. Lazarus, who is stowed upon a shelf in Kimmi’s wardrobe, wakes up one night from his deathly slumber and warns Kimmi of Coldfist’s plans. Kimmi realizes that the black crow that has been sitting on his windowsill watching him these past weeks is actually the enchanted creature that almost got him killed at the marketplace. He is stunned but very pleased that the huge grime crusted Stamp Album he’d bought so unwillingly should be linked to the mysterious disappearance of Johannes Löwentrapp. Lazarus is ancient, intelligent and worth a great fortune. He has seen how committed Kimmi has been putting him back together again. He knows he can trust him. And because the boy can read the invisible instructions in him, together they can catch Coldfist before he hurts Heidi. He can hardly wait to see him put in his place, within his translucent pages for good, like he’d promised the first Philatelist. He will keep his word. When Greta goes missing, and reappears days later on Kimmi’s front door, unconscious in the arms of Sebastian the Gorilla, who finds her while doing his nightly escapades, Kimmi finds himself on a hot trail. Not only has something scared Greta out of her wits, but she’s been to Egypt where she has seen Heidi’s lost Columbus monkey with an Archaeologist whose name is Elizabeth Löwentrapp. Kimmi revives the Zeppelin stamp and flies over the spectacular Rift Valley to retrieve the Blue Shark, that is causing havoc in the flamingo lake and Lazarus is very pleased that his collection is almost complete. On New Year’s Eve, Kimmi goes to Heidi’s only to find Coldfist has already arrived, pretending to be part of the reuniting Löwentrapp clan. Greta exposes him as her fake uncle; Coldfist gets ugly and tries to capture Lazarus whose existence he now recognises is the real threat to his life. He almost kills Benjamin Löwentrapp with his frosty grip in the ensuing fight but Kimmi immobilizes him with a sling shot and scans him with his Philatelist lens. Coldfist becomes what he has been avoiding for over three hundred years. A stamp in Lazarus’ Collection.