The Dreamcatchers

Mary Alff, Lena-Marie Alff
Ab 12 Jahren

Kimmi Jambo, Sara and Tony are thrown together when an evil Wizard tries to capture all the children in their village. They manage to escape and find themselves on a long bus ride to Nairobi city, where on arrival they fall asleep in a shed, after Tony has great difficulty remembering where his Aunty Muna lives. They wake up a day later only to find themselves adopted by strange woman called Nadii, who lives in an invisible house behind a magic rainbow right in the heart of Nairobi. She believes they are the chosen ones who will find the black diamond that ought to break the spell placed on the city by the evil Wizard, and find the lost children. To prepare them for the cause she teaches them the art of tribal magic and even cooks their favorite meals. Kimmi, Sara and Tony have no idea of what awaits them and it looks like destiny has been cut out for them. Kimmi keeps watch in the streets of Nairobi for the anticipated signs, which do indeed appear when suddenly the Minister for the poor street folk goes missing; a Conference of Wizards’ write a beseeching letter to Obednego the mysterious fiery street preacher; and someone even begins cloning and removing members of the homeless Street Fraternity. Kimmi suspects the faceless Hoods they’d seen in the woods one night had something to do with this. After a traditional bath in a cold river, a curt word on the importance of Leopard milk and crocodile tears, Kimmi, Sara and Tony embark on their spell finding journey to the enchanted black mountains. They encounter Babu, a friendly ghost who shows them how to play an endless board game, and Magdalene the one eyed giant, a creature of many surprises, whose only intent seems to make them work for her. Not only does she have a secret storehouse full of cheese but she owns a park of flying Leopards as well, and Kimmi can already imagine how they will get away from her grip. They lose their magic spells after a taking a bowl of strange soup, and Kimmi knows they will have to punch their way out of Magdalene’s hypnotic grip. He later discovers she is an agent of the evil Wizard when she unknowingly leads them to his enchanted cave, where he has hidden his trophies in full view. They find the revealing mirror that tells the wizard where they are at and his frothing calabash, where he miniatures all his enemies into small stiff figures. Kimmi Jambo knows the stolen children can’t be far off. When Tony helps himself to strange cheese and turns into a huge egg, they discover where the rest of the children are! However, they are in great danger because the Wizard discovers their plans and is after them. Sara, in her curiosity touches the magic calabash and is petrified. Kimmi Jambo finds himself alone with the difficult job of saving himself and everyone else with an angry Wizard right behind his heels. He hides himself in a dark wardrobe full of dark cloaks where he remembers a mysterious hint given to him just weeks before, by Obednego the street preacher. He says the most powerful spell in the universe…the prayer of a child.